step back and see how it's gonna be

the shortest month of the year threatens to be the darkest, but instead is battled bravely by light, the brightness of a thousand small twinkles, blinking or chasing or steady and still, declaring the year's end far ahead of the speeding train of time barreling through the tunnel.

standing small and proud they shout or even whisper, here! now! and the very compass of life takes notice.

as we march through a million sunny days, i long for a blanket of gray, above and below, to quiet the remaining darkness and illuminate the air, to slow the days that are packed too full for a single season. i long for the train to pause, but i watch desperately from the window as the world sails by in grandeur, ever pushing toward an endless post-holiday winter.

<< 12.01.11, 9:32 a.m. >>