a long time ago, we used to be friends

i remember when you'd call to me from across a hotel lobby, waving with eager eyes. i thought i looked downright soggy in the humidity but i also thought you didn't care.

same night different place: you would eat dinner with our group and we'd laugh for years to follow about that silly picture you were asked to take.

same night different place: we would meet for dessert in some crowded sports bar. i can't remember which city we were in and i can't remember where everybody else was or why we were alone.

i just remember that i thought maybe i had a friend in a kid like me who could speak volumes through a single glance.

slowly that kid is fading, and i'm still standing on the deck of a yacht with a drink in my hand, glancing out over the black still bay, alone.

<< 09.22.10, 12:26 p.m. >>