stars lean down to kiss you

"there. that's them playing now." she said and we scurried across the parking lot a little bit faster. "they're starting already!" i wailed as we tried to run and listen at the same time. i absorbed the notes floating out through the cracks in the fence; his voice was already in my head. to go back to where i was would just be wrong - i'm pressing on.

sometime later, he was singing in my hometown and i was shooting his photo for the university newspaper. of course she was there, too, because she and i were always the ones meeting scrappy boys whose voices we later heard coming out of our radios on top 20 stations.

sometime much later, i would not stop recalling that moment, when she and i were together on the threshold between the childhood where we met and the adults we would become.

in that moment, we were unwilling to let go of our lives. because after we finally drew deep breaths and plunged into the unknown, the current swept us into our own oceans and we could only wave to each other through miles of seawater.

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